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Supporting Educators

School safety has been an absolute priority for State Representative Raymond Smith, Jr.  As a formal school board member for Wayne County Public Schools, Raymond has been intensely involved with the safety and security of our schools. As a parent of a school-aged child, he has profound concerns for the safety of not only his children but all of the children that attend school on a daily basis. 


Raymond will continue to support the building of new schools through a statewide bond referendum that will enhance local efforts to construct new schools and increase teacher pay. Currently, there are efforts underway within the General Assembly to address these concerns in the form of HB-866 and S-542 bonds for school capital and HB-333 local sales tax flexibility for education.  He supports each of the bills along with the restoration and recovery of currently withheld lottery funds to be disbursed at the rate of 40% as originally intended. Additionally, Raymond's experience as a local school board member has provided him with insight regarding the ABC model vs the Growth model in determining a school’s level of proficiency. Raymond supports greater emphasis being placed upon the growth model in determining the success of a school.  This support is based primarily upon the fact that all students do not start at the same point; therefore, measuring a student’s growth during specified periods is a much better indicator of education than comparing students against one another.


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